Polaris GEM e2
Polaris GEM e4
Four passenger street legal vehicle
Polaris GEM e6
Six passenger street legal shuttle
Cushman LSV 800
Street legal electric work truck
E-Z-GO 2Five
E-Z-GO 2Five
Polaris GEM EM1400 LSV
Street Legal Electric Truck
Polaris GEM eL-XD
Street Legal electric Longbed

Street-legal vehicle dealer in So. Cal | Coast Cart

Street-legal vehicles are similar in appearance and function to golf carts used for traversing golf courses or college campuses, and utility vehicles used to quickly travel around commercial venues or other wide spanning areas that are smooth and paved, but do not have public roads that conform to the driving laws of a city and state. The difference between a street-legal vehicle like the Polaris Gem and E-Z-Go 2Five, and golf carts like the Garia Golf Car or Yamaha Golf Car, is that street-legal vehicles are built to include specific features in order to comply with federal, state and local ordinances for street operation. These specific features for street-legal operation include:

  • Headlights, Tailights, Brakelights, Turnsignals & Hazard Lights
  • Roll Over Protection and Windshield
  • Seatbelts
  • License Plate Holder
  • 17 digit VIN number

Street-legal vehicles (or street-legal carts) are popular for many projects, events, and organizations, because they provide a higher level of comfort and safety and travel further distances than most conventional golf carts, but they provide lower operating costs and take up less space than passenger vans or other vehicles commonly used for similar purposes.

If you’re exploring street-legal vehicles for your business, event, project, or personal use, please contact us to discuss your options.