E-Z-GO Express L 6
Reliable six-passenger cart in electric or gas for getting you around the property.
Polaris GEM e6
Six-passenger cart great for giving campus tours.
Cushman Hauler 1200X
This cart can take large loads of cargo wherever you need them.
Perfect cart for getting the job done.
E-Z-GO 2Five
Street Legal electric vehicle
Cushman Hauler PRO-X
Long range and large load capacity electric utility vehicle

Off road utility vehicle dealer in Ventura, CA | Coast Cart

Off road utility vehicles are perhaps the most specialized of all classes of carts. These off road vehicles can be referred to using many phrases and types of language including ATV, off road cart, and others. Off road vehicles are generally divided into two classes. The ATV class are all-terrain vehicles which are generally designed for a single rider. The rider sits on top of the vehicle and steers the vehicle using handlebars.

The side-by-side class of off-road vehicles are designed for two or more passengers who sit in individual seats. Side-by-side off-road vehicles are controlled by a steering wheel, have seat belts, robust suspension, and can include many specialized features which allow the vehicles to be used in a range of off-road, outdoor, and wilderness applications.

Off-road vehicles are generally designed for specific uses, and each feature of the vehicle is built to support this specific use. Trail vehicles can be designed for traveling at high speeds across flat desert trails, or for navigating steep trails with roots, plants, and other obstacles. Hunting vehicles can include specialty storage for weapons, quiet operation features, and visually discreet appearances. Trails and off road environments are often defined by the width and space of the trail, the nature of the obstacles, and other features of environment. Off road vehicle builders like Textron provide an impressive range of vehicles to match nearly any environment and activity.

Because outdoor spaces very greatly, knowing your environment before selecting an off road vehicle allows you to select a vehicle based on what kind of terrain you’re covering, who you’re traveling with, and how you’ll be using the vehicle in that environment.

If you’re exploring off road vehicles for your trip, recreation, excursion, operation, or personal use, please contact us to discuss your options.