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Cushman Tug 8K

Industrial vehicle dealer in Ventura, CA | Coast Cart

Industrial vehicles are compact, cart-style designs which seek to recreate the utility and function of larger work trucks while sizing down the entire package to optimize the vehicle for use in factories, warehouses, on the properties of production plants, construction sites, or any other environment in which a large-scale work vehicle can not access important areas of the project, or would be impractical to use.

Compared to other low speed vehicles like golf carts, industrial vehicles are extremely robust:

  • They are usually constructed with strong bodywork using diamond plated steel
  • They have welded steel frames
  • They have high hauling capacity
  • They have high towing capacity
  • They use hydraulic brakes
  • They are powered by high voltage electricity

Common real world applications for industrial vehicle uses include transporting crates and pallets in factories and warehouses, transporting heavy raw materials across construction sites, or moving challenging equipment across large non-public properties like college campuses or government centers.

If you’re exploring utility vehicles for your business, event, project, or personal use, please contact us to discuss your options.