E-Z-GO Express L 6
Reliable six-passenger cart in electric or gas for getting you around the property.
Polaris GEM e6
Six-passenger cart great for giving campus tours.
Cushman Hauler 1200X
This cart can take large loads of cargo wherever you need them.
Perfect cart for getting the job done.
E-Z-GO 2Five
Street Legal electric vehicle
Cushman Hauler PRO-X
Long range and large load capacity electric utility vehicle

Golf cart dealer in Ventura, CA | Coast Cart

Golf carts are specialty vehicles designed for quickly crossing long spans of groomed landscape like the grassy environments created on golf courses. Golf carts tend to have open air seating, and their speed and range of travel is limited. Because golf carts are very similar in function and appearance to utility carts and passenger carts which can be driven on public roads, these two classes of vehicles are sometimes misinterpreted as the same class of vehicle.

There are a few important differences between golf carts and street legal vehicles.

Golf carts are:

  • Optimized for driving on the terrain and landscape of a golf course. This may affect the choice of tires, brakes, and suspension used in their design.
  • Often not capable of minimum speed need for street driving (often 25 mph in most local areas).
  • Not required to conform (though some golf carts may have some of these features) to street operation by having seatbelts, headlights, and other features necessary for street operation.
  • Not required to be driven by an individual with a driver’s license.
  • Not required to be insured.
  • Not allowed to driven on public roads.

As you can see, while a street legal vehicle may be capable of serving as a transport across a golf course, a golf cart is not properly equipped or capable of driving in environments off of a golf course. It’s still common to see golf carts used in other scenarios that aren’t golf courses, such as transportation around sporting events, theme parks, and campuses.

If you’re exploring golf carts for your business, event, project, or personal use, please contact us to discuss your options. We’ll advise of the best options for your use.