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Commercial vehicles at first glance are similar in size and appearance to golf carts and street legal personal vehicles, but commercial vehicles can have special features which make them effective for specific tasks and work. For example, the Cushman Hauler 1200 seeks to recreate some of the functionality of a small truck by adding more substantial storage for things like luggage, and most spacious seating for transporting more passengers.

A commercial vehicle like this is a natural fit in an environment like an airport where airport personnel can use the vehicles to quickly travel lengthy distances between terminals and runways to deliver luggage and equipment to the right areas, or quickly bring a pilot to their assignment. Other natural applications might include an operation like the San Diego Zoo, where Zoo personnel may need to cover long distances across groomed but unpaved road in order to transport supplies, food, or tools to various areas of the expansive property in order to care for animals and carry out the daily functions of the zoo. Certain farms and similar operations may use commercial vehicles for assistance in groundskeeping and other property management.

If you’re exploring commercial vehicles for your business, event, project, or personal use, please contact us to discuss your options.