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Yamaha golf car & commercial vehicle dealership | So. Cal

Coast Cart is a resource center in Ventura County which offers sales, rentals, and services center for Yamaha golf cars and commercial vehicles. Yamaha is a known builder of golf cars which they have been producing since the late 1970s, and today enjoys a reputation among many golf pros and enthusiasts as the best performing golf car in both gas and electric design.

Yamaha has made strong gains in the golf cart market in many ways, including being named the official golf cart of the National Golf Course Owners Association, and having been adopted into use in 2,274 golf courses over the past 8 years. Yamaha golf cars and commercial vehicles can be seen in professional settings including PGA golf tour stops across the United States such as in Northern California, Texas, and Florida, and also in casual settings such as gated retirement enclaves and senior living communities.

We love having the Yamaha brand available at our shop in Ventura County, and we provide sales, rentals, repairs, and maintenance for the PTV and Drive line of golf cars, and the Adventurer and Concierge line of commercial vehicles.