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Tomberlin LSV (street legal) dealership | So. Cal

Coast Cart is a resource center in Ventura County which offers sales, rentals, and services center for Tomberlin street leagl and commercial vehicles. The Nordic Group of Companies began under the leadership of W.R. Sauey, the son of Norwegian immigrant parents. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, W.R. chartered the Nordic Group’s first company, Flambeau in 1947. Tomberlin has a reputation of styling, safty and performance. Tomberlin also makes golf cars and industrial vehicls desighned for the long haul.

Tomberlin/ Columbia has made industrial vehlcies for over 20 years in a highly competitive market. Tomberlin — a division of the Columbia Vehicle Group, which is a subsidiary of the Nordic Group of Companies — manufacturers and distributes advanced electric vehicles designed for open neighborhoods, golf courses, master planned communities, and short distance commuting. Since the first Tomberlin street-legal, Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) was built, we’ve remained committed to designing vehicles with an emphasis on safety, performance, and styling while challenging the traditional conventions of what is expected in a Personal Transportation Vehicle (PTV).

We love having the Tomberlin brand available at our shop in Ventura County, and we provide sales, rentals, repairs, and maintenance for the LSV and industrial line of vehicals.