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Club Car Villager

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Make It Personal

Your lifestyle is personal. So is your choice of transportation. By selecting a Club Car Villager 2 or 2+2 LSV, you're making a personal statement. You're also makeing a personal contribution to the environment without sacrificing style, convenience or sophistication. The zero-emissions Villager LSV (low-speed vehicle) is sporty, fun to drive and doesn't require any fuel. It's powered exclusevely by electricity and is legal to drive on roads with speed ratings up to 35mph (55kph).

Speedometer/Odometer and Trip Odometer: our street legal LSVs are powered exclusively by electricity and are legal to drive on the roads with speed ratings of 35mph (55kph).


Charging at home means never going to a gas station again. Eliminate vehicle emissions and reduce your carbon footprint

with the instant torque and acceleration of the electric power train. The Villager 2 LSV is significantly less expensive to operate

compared to a small gas or diesel vehicle.


Own the road and never change your oil again. Our powerful 48-volt power train moves you, your passengers and your

cargo across nearly any terrain—hilly, sandy or flat—with up to 14 hp (10.3 kw peak) motor.


Lightweight and corrosion resistant. We’re the only major manufacturer in the industry that builds vehicles on aircraft-

alloy aluminum frames. Our exclusive rustproof frames are up to 3 times stronger than competitors’ steel frames and support up

to 571 lb (259 kg) of total vehicle capacity. Club Car’s chassis withstands salt, chemicals and the harshest environmental elements.


Club Car takes your safety personally. Headlights, taillights and turn signals, integrated 3-point safety belts (front), hip

restraints and rear 2-point seat belts, safety glass and mirrors help keep you safe. Club Car LSVs include a zero-speed detect feature

that controls the vehicle speed should the vehicle inadvertently roll away. Its reduced-speed reverse also helps ensure safety for

you and your passengers.


Extend the range of your active lifestyle. Travel up to 30 miles (48 km) on a single, full charge with our 48-volt

system. Unlike other 48-volt power trains, ours can go the distance.


Smart performance. The onboard controller manages vehicle performance and speed. It knows when the accelerator

is released and applies regenerative motor braking, which enhances safety, reduces brake wear and extends battery life. The

advanced onboard diagnostics make troubleshooting and maintenance fast, easy and accurate.

Comfortable & Convenient.

We design easy maintenance into our vehicles. Practical features such as speed caps or an

optional single-point watering system make adding water to the batteries easy. Automotive and marine materials throughout the

vehicle make cleaning easy and help the vehicle retain its value. The dashboard and expanded storage make it easy to store and find

personal items. Contoured seats provide a comfortable



The dent-resistant body and automotive finish help conceal scuffs for long-lasting beauty. Commercial-grade suspension

and power train components give years of trouble-free use.

Do the environment a favor.

Choose the street-legal Villager 2 LSV. It’s environmentally friendly, a strong performer

and there whenever you need it. The Villager 2 LSV quickly becomes your practical

alternative for everyday excursions. It will be your first choice for short trips, such as

driving to the golf course, into town for dinner or driving to work. With the optional

cargo bed, it’s perfect for picking up groceries, hauling your gym gear or working around

your property.

Its low profile and powerful drivetrain make it nimble and fun to drive, while its

automotive-style appointments make passengers feel comfortable and safe. Plus, it’s

easy to recharge. Plug into a common household electricity outlet overnight and you’re

ready for your next trip.

Enjoy the view from any one of four seats.

The Villager 2+2 LSV

delivers an eco-friendly, fun experience for four, and there’s no such thing as a bad

seat. It’s great alternative transportation for shopping or family outings. And you

don’t need to stop at your local gas station for expensive fuel, unless you want a

bottle of water or a snack.

Vehicle Features

Drive Motor Shunt-wound, Direct Drive
Horsepower  5 hp (3.68 kw) continuous; 14 hp (10.3 kw) peak
Drive Unit Double reduction helical gear with 10.3:1 direct drive axle
Electical System 48 volts DC, reduced speed reverse
Batteries Six 8 volt, deep cycle
Charger 48 volts, 17 amp; automatic, computer-controlled variable
Controller 350 amp solid state DC
Steering Self-Adjusted, double reduction helical rack & pinion
Front Suspension Mono-leaf spring with dial hydraulic shocks
Rear Suspension Leaf spring with dual hydraulic shocks
Brakes Self adjusting, 4-wheel mechanical drum brakes
Park Brake Foot-opperated
Frame/Chassis Corrosion-resistant, welded aircraft aluminum I-beam
Front Body ABS with automotive paint finish
Rear Body Impact-resistent ArmorFlex
Light Package Headlights (high and low beams)
Tires 18.5 x 8.50-8
Optional Tires (with Alloy Rims 205/50 R10 Radial
Overall Dimensions 92 x 47 x 69 in (232 x 120 x 174cm)
Vehicle w/ Cargo Bed Dimensions 101 x 47 x 69 in (257 x 120 x 174 cm)
Cargo Bed Dimensions 31 x 38 x 9 in (80 x 96 x 24 cm)
Total Vehicle Capacity 550 lb (250 kg)
Wheelbase 66 in (166 cm)
Differential Ground Clearance 4.5 in (11 cm)
Tread Centers (Front/Rear) 34.5 (88cm) / 38.5 (98 cm)
Vehicle Weight Base model: 1069 lb (485kg); with cargo box: 1097 lb (498 kg)
Seating Capacity 2
Speed 22-24 mph (35-39 kph)
Outside Clearance Circle 17.5 ft (5.3 m) diameter
Turning Radius 68 in (173 cm)
Intersecting Aisle Radius 77 in (196 cm)
Vehicle Warranty 2 year limited vehicle / 4-year battery